House Cleaner "Wants a Raise" After Finding 10,000 Flies in Rich Client's Log Cabin


Oct. 13 2023, Published 3:44 p.m. ET

Owning a log cabin in the woods where you can escape whenever you want is like a dream come true. However, that log cabin dream can turn into a nightmare once you find out who else likes to live in log cabins: flies.

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A house cleaner shared a series of videos on TikTok of a fly infestation she found at her client’s log home. The gross scene is not uncommon. Let’s look at her story and what causes fly infestations in log homes.

A fly on a leaf.
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A house cleaner shared a video of a log cabin covered in flies.

The first 53-second video shared on TikTok by @teresataptt950 of “fly-maggedon” showed a scene right out of a horror film. Thousands of dead flies were all over the floors, the stairs, the counters, and even in the kitchen. Teresa gagged as she zoomed in on part of the pile of dead flies.

“Some log cabins; black flies breed in the logs. look how many. 10 thousand plus,” said the text on the video. Teresa stated that the homeowners have been out of town for a couple of weeks.

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“Look at all those f--king flies,” she said as she panned the camera around the room to show the carnage. “They come out of the logs, just so you know. They didn’t have something rotting in here. Rich people log houses sometimes have this problem.”

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In two followup videos, she showed other areas of the home littered with dead flies, including a pile that expired in wine glasses in the kitchen, and her efforts to vacuum them up. “Get a log cabin they said. It’s romantic, they said,” she quipped in one of the videos.

Many commenting on Teresa’s post suggested that there could be a dead body in the house. “Nah, this is an actual thing, they’re in the logs. I’ve done many, many log homes that have this problem. This is bad, but not unique,” Teresa responded.

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Others who previously owned or stayed in a log cabin home said they had experienced the same issue. “Ohmygosh! I FINALLY have the answer to the fly problem we had at a log cabin we lived in in Indiana! I thought we needed an exorcism or something,” said one commenter.

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Why do log homes get fly infestations?

According to Mountain Home Building Products, a company that sells log home products, cluster flies are one of several types of bugs that prey on log homes. The flies make their way into log homes through small openings and micro-cracks in the home.

The cluster fly infestations are more prevalent in late fall and early winter when they are looking for a warm place to hibernate, per The Log Blog. Thankfully, the flies don’t breed or lay eggs inside the logs, so they will either leave or die, according to Cottage Life.

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The best defense against an insect infestation is to seal up any small cracks or crevices around the home. Using insecticides to get rid of the flies isn’t recommended because it can cause more harm to your family and your pets. Plus, the flies will most likely die on their own, and you’ll have a mess of dead flies to clean up either way.

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