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Source: Studio Schicketanz

This Eco-Friendly Dog House Is the Ultimate Abode For Sustainable Pups

By Kristin Hunt

If beach houses and cabins can be eco-friendly, why not a dog house? For an upcoming design competition in California, the architecture firm Studio Schicketanz created this adorable, sustainable dog house with its own green roof and solar-powered fan.

A grass-lined ramp on the side of the house encourages pups to climb up to the green roof, where they can relax in the sun and grab a drink of water from the motion-activated faucet. This faucet also irrigates the roof’s soil, though pet owners won’t have to worry about cleaning up puddles of water.

As DesignBoom explains, a hidden drain takes care of that. The drain is built into the floor and located behind the front wall of the house, which humans can open to access the interior.