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Source: Pexels

I Tried To Beat The Summer Heat With The "Egyptian Method" Of Sleeping

By Kristin Hunt

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Have you ever wanted to swap the comforter on your bed for a wet towel? The answer, for most level-headed Americans, is probably “no thanks, you weirdo.” But if the internet is to be believed, sleeping in damp blankets is a proven, time-honored way to stay cool in the summer.

When I first read about the so-called “Egyptian method,” I was awfully suspicious. The basic idea is to dampen a towel or blanket before you go to bed, either by running it through the spin cycle on your washing machine or soaking and wringing it by hand. You cover the bed with one dry towel or blanket, lie on top of it, and then cover yourself with the damp cloth.

Proponents of the Egyptian method tout it as a low-energy alternative to blasting the AC, since the towel should, in theory, keep your body cool. Some blogs insist the practice was pioneered centuries ago in Egypt, although I couldn’t find any concrete evidence this "method" was invented by ancient Egyptians. (More likely, it was someone trying to make a lazy mummy joke.)