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A Sleep Doctor Tells Us How To Sleep Through The Summer Without AC


Trying to fall asleep on a blistering hot summer night is a process. You toss, you turn, you flip your pillow for what feels like the twelfth time. But still, you can't drift off. The whole thing would end in tears, if you weren't so dehydrated. So you just keep sweating (how are you still sweating?) in silence.

But you can make it through the summer heat without losing sleep — and you don't need to crank your air conditioner to do it. To prove it, we called in the pros. Dr. Jocelyn Cheng is a neurologist at NYU Langone Health who specializes in sleep medicine. She explained why it's so tough to stay rested in the summer, and offered some low-tech solutions to get you on a regular REM cycle. Check out her energy efficient advice below.