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Source: Karen Nevadusky

How To Have An All-Natural Yard With Less Work


By Karen Nevadunsky

When my husband and I relocated from Florida to Colorado, the change in climate was a welcomed joy.

But when it came to our new home, that arid weather didn’t exactly agree with the lawn. Instead of thick, lush grass, our yard was a tangled mess of monster weeds and dead grass. As frugal, first-time home buyers, we didn't want to run our sprinklers all of the time — and clearly, the grass we had wasn’t built for such an arid climate in the first place.

Which is how we ended up hearing about xeriscaping, a method of landscaping designed for drought-afflicted areas like the dry air of the Colorado town we’d settled in. Xeriscaping incorporates native plants that are already accustomed to your local climate and smaller lawns (giant water hogs). My husband and I were shocked at how simple the process of turning our property over to xeriscaping was — and how much money we saved.