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Source: V2Com

This Futuristic House Actually Gets Stronger As Hurricanes Pass Through

By Brian Spaen

With multiple hurricanes affecting many communities in the United States and surrounding areas this year, we’re finding ways to avoid complete disaster from these powerful storms. Some are turning to improving the energy infrastructure so it remains reliable through the high winds, and there’s some building structures that are hurricane-proof. Another concept is a spinning house that actually anchors itself into the ground when storms arrive.

Margot Krasojevic Architecture has constructed the Self-Excavation Hurricane Home, located on an artificial island along the Louisiana coastline. This is an area that’s been prone to consistent hurricane activity. It’s an ideal location for the unique home because, unlike most structures, this actually thrives when hurricanes roam through.

When the storms make impact, the house spins along a retaining wall, which holds soil back underground. A concrete anchor holds the structure down, and there’s cables underneath it that dig a hole when it’s in the process of moving. Since hurricanes always spin in the same direction -- anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere -- it’s able to work each and every time.