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Source: pixabay

Whole Foods Now Offers Vegan Breakfast Sandwiches

By Marissa Higgins

Whether you're considering a vegan lifestyle or just want to change up one meal a day, it's possible you've wondered how you can make an easy plant-based breakfast. There are plenty of options from the comfort of your own kitchen; for example, a simple oatmeal, stack of pancakes, or even cereal and non-dairy milk all work. But when it comes to grabbing a hot breakfast out, what options do you have? Well, Whole Foods Market is now offering a vegan breakfast sandwich.

When you think of a vegan sandwich, you might assume it will be a combination of hummus, fresh vegetables, and grainy bread. And while those are great for lunch, breakfast usually requires a different combination of flavors and textures. And Whole Foods certainly delivers. 

Their new line of breakfast sandwiches all use a vegan "egg" product which comes frmo an EatGUD chickpea patty (which is also gluten-free). From there, customers can choose from three varieties in terms of toppings. All are available at the hot bar.