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Source: Oliur Rahman/Pexels

As Chains Turn Meatless, Veganism Gets Mainstream Boost

By Aimee Lutkin

Vegan options on fast food menus are becoming more common. Companies tend to roll out new recipes for short periods of time and only in specific locations, but the popularity of those dry runs mean that vegan meals at McDonald's or even Burger King may soon be the norm.

Fast Company reports that 2017 showed many huge changes in meatless meat productions. Cargill sold its last cattle feed lot in April, indicating that they were interested in investing in other types of protein that are insect or plant-based. Tyson Foods invested $55 million in Beyond Meat, which makes protein meat substitutes from plants. Nestle bought Sweet Earth Foods, which makes meatless ham and bacon products. These big companies are following the trends, and all signs point to a future of veganism.