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Source: pexels

This Jam Is The Perfect Way To Use Extra Summer Fruit

By Marissa Higgins

With summer comes what feels like endless fresh fruit. Farmers markets are in full swing, and people can't resist picking up some delicious treats. After all, in season fruit is basically nature's candy. Of course, as we all experience at least once in a while, fresh fruits can spoil quickly. How to keep buying fresh fruit without ending up with a ton of food waste? One surprisingly easy solution is to whip up some jam.

Making your own jam or preserves can be an elaborate process. While it's a great way to use up bulk fruit, it's labor-intensive and does rely on having at least a bit of skill and equipment. Safety is an issue, too; sterilization helps protect you from getting sick. If you make your own small batch, quick use jam, however, the process becomes a whole lot simpler. Just remember: Because this is perishable, you'll need to eat it soon, and keep it in the fridge, not the cupboard. 

So, here's how you get started. First, check your fruit for mold. If it's molded, don't use it! Otherwise, clean it, remove the pits (if applicable), and chop it up. You'll want to attempt the recipe if you have about one half to a full cup of fruit to start. You'll want to use the same amount of sugar. So if you have half a cup of peaches, you'll want roughly half a cup of sugar. Yes, it's that easy.