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Source: Fancycrave

GrubTubs Turns Restaurant Waste Into Nutrient-Dense Animal Feed


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Green Matters has teamed up with WeWork for the month of April to celebrate Earth Day 2018 with a #workgreen challenge and Q&A series spotlighting sustainability-minded WeWork member companies. In this installment, we’re sitting down with Robert Olivier, founder and CEO of GrubTubs. Olivier has spent the last 17 years developing insect-based technologies; and GrubTubs stands to be his pinnacle achievement. 

Company name: GrubTubs

Location: Austin, TX (with plans to expand to Dallas or San Antonio next!)

What they do: GrubTubs turns food scraps from restaurants into affordable, sustainable animal feed for local farms. To accomplish this, the company employs the help of protein-rich insect larvae called grubs, which consume food waste and are then fed to chickens and pigs at a fraction of the cost of commercial animal feed.

Why GrubTubs is so valuable: Animal feed is the number-one expense in agriculture, and far from sustainable. Around 70 percent of the farm acreage in the US is used to grow grains for animal feed that could be used for other purposes. GrubTubs alleviates the need for grain-based feeds for chickens and pigs, while simultaneously keeping food waste out of landfills. Restaurants, farmers, consumers and the environment all benefit.