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Source: flowhive/instagram

This Beehive Is Making It Easy For People To Start Their Own Apiary

By Aimee Lutkin

Bees have been experiencing mass die-offs, to a degree that worries researchers and people who depend on these buzzing pollinators. Actually, everyone depends on them, because they keep our food sources pollinated and growing, but farmers and beekeepers are on the front lines of the emergency. 

Stuart and Cedar Anderson are a father and son pair living in the Australian countryside, who have been trying to promote beekeeping for about ten years. They realized one of the main things keeping people from attempting it was the difficulty. Beekeeping can me a messy process, with many steps.

Fast Company reports that three years ago, the Andersons launched Flow Hive, which eliminated some of the difficulty and made beekeeping far more feasible for the amateur apiarist. They reached their goal of $70,000 on IndieGoGo within minutes, and eventually raised $12.2 million. Now, they've released an updated version of Flow Hive that's even more efficient.