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Source: Annie's

Annie's New Mac & Cheese Helps Fight Climate Change

By Tessa Love

Like most people, you've likely never considered the potential for a box of macaroni and cheese to change the world. But organic food manufacturer Annie’s, Inc. is working to do just that. For the new, limited edition box of its famed mac 'n' cheese, the company is using wheat grown using regenerative farming practices—which goes above and beyond the qualifications for an organic label—and is highlighting the farmer that grew it, Nate Powell-Palm, in an effort to promote healthy farming practices.

“I think that’s a first in the industry: to offer a product on such wide distribution, available from a major manufacturer in the center of the store, where the family that’s about to enjoy the product can name the farmer, name the farm, and know the ingredients that are specific in that product that are using these very Earth-friendly practices,” Carla Vernon, president of Annie’s, told Fast Company.

Annie's has always used organic ingredients, but even organic farming on an industrial level can do harm to the environment. Mono-crops—or large swaths of farm land that are filled with a single crop over and over again—work to degrade soil health. This leads to the use of fertilizers, which further damages the soil, depletes water supplies, and releases carbon into the atmosphere