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Source: Maurício Mascaro/pexels

New Zealand's 'Food In The Nude' Initiative Cuts Plastic In Supermarkets


Whether you shop at a grocery store or your local farmer's market, it's always possible to reduce how much plastic you use. For instance, many places no longer sell plastic bags, or encourage you to bring your own reusable bag. However, as anyone who buys fresh produce knows all too well, plastic bags are commonly available to hold your individually picked items, such as apples or bunches of grapes. Sadly, these bags are often tossed once customers get home and put their items in the fridge or on the counter. 

New World, a supermarket chain in New Zealand, has an awesome goal. They're trying to remove all single-use plastic bags by the end of 2018. In order to achieve this, they’re giving away two million reusable bags during their summer months (which are December through February). They offer a five-cent rebate each time their customers use one of these bags, which has already resulted in plastic bag use reducing by 20 percent.