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New York Dairy Farm Goes Vegan With 100% Plant-Based Milks


We’ve seen a major trend of plant-based meats entering into our supermarkets and restaurant menus, but it isn’t limited to that category. In fact, farms are making the transition to cruelty-free and plant-based products more than ever. What's one example? One family farm in Queens, New York, has switched their operations from dairy cows to plant-based milk. They utilized a process created by food scientist Cheryl Mitchell, and it could provide a shift in the dairy industry.

Elmhurst Milked is the transformed company that now uses nuts, oats, and rice to create milk. Over nearly a 50 year span, traditional milk consumption has declined by nearly 40 percent. The “Got Milk?” advertising campaign didn’t prevent the drop from continuing, and the move toward alternative milk continues in recent years. That prompted the change by a dairy farm that was in existence since 1919.