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Source: Narclique/Pexels

'SuperMeat' Receives $3 Million In Funding For New Lab-Based Meat

By Brian Spaen

SuperMeat has received $3 million in seed funding and has partnered with one of Europe’s biggest poultry producers. The “clean meat” startup from Israel continues a growing portfolio of lab-based foods that don’t involve killing animals, including Beyond Meat and Memphis Meats. Thanks to the latest funding and support, the company hopes to bring their products to the market in a few years.

The Israeli startup had a goal to create healthy, sustainable meat products without needing to slaughter animals and to eliminate the carbon emissions created from it. A process they developed is using animal cell culture techniques. For example, cells from a chicken would be extracted from the animal and given the same nutrients when raising them. 

With this process, muscle and fat would grow in the labs instead of inside an animal’s body. Not only does it remove the need to kill an animal, but it would limit the emissions from industrial farming. According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, methane gas from livestock accounts for 16 percent of global greenhouse emissions.