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Source: Minimography/Pexels

Chef Uses AI Software To Create Recipes For Vegan Comfort Food

By Brian Spaen

Artificial intelligence has the ability to replace ingredients from traditional foods with healthy, plant-based alternatives. Chilean startup NotCompany looks to shake up the food industry with their new software, called “Giuseppe,” that’s able to discover what’s in food and recreate it with a vegan twist. They’ve already succeeded with vegan mayonnaise and are looking toward the future with their new technology.

NotCo was founded two years ago with a goal to change how the world consumes food. They wanted it to be healthier and more sustainable for the environment. After all, livestock farming creates up to 50 percent of all manmade carbon dioxide emissions. A few pounds of beef emits the equivalent of burning six liters of gasoline.

Founder and CEO, Matias Muchnick, developed Giuseppe that was able to learn what’s in our meat, eggs, and dairy products and it would be able to process vegan ingredients to replace it. The name “Giuseppe” comes from Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who was famous for his creations of human portraits made out of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.