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Source: Facebook/Elly Lu Organics

4 Companies That Sell Organic Stuffed Animals Your Kid Will Love

By Kristin Hunt

Stuffed animals are often a child’s first toy. They’re soft, comforting, and safe — something a parent can feel good about placing in their kid’s crib.

But the materials that make up plush toys can pose problems. Depending on how and where they’re made, they might contain pesticides, harsh dyes, or ingredients that will irritate asthma. That’s why some toy companies are investing in organic cotton for their stuffed animals. 

To become certified organic, companies must meet certain production standards with their raw materials. These standards include restrictions on chemical input, as well as requirements on ethical working conditions. It’s a way to make sure the stuffed animal in your child’s hand was made responsibly, and it’s a practice championed by the following companies. You can find organic plush dogs, badgers, and even unicorns on their websites — all made with safe and sustainable cotton.