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Source: LEGO

Lego's New Plant-Based Pieces Are Now Available In Select Markets

By Brian Spaen

Lego's signature building sets just got a lot more sustainable. On August 1, the company unveiled new pieces made with a plant-based plastic. The material is derived from sustainably sourced sugarcane — and it's appropriately the basis for new toy trees, leaves, and bushes.

The company announced the new Plants from Plants line back in March, and is now making the botanical pieces available to customers in select markets. The box set will be included free of charge when shoppers spend over $35 in the United States and Canada between August 1 and 14, or over £35/€35 in the UK, Germany, and Austria between August 1 and 17. The deal is good in retail stores or online.

While the new pieces look identical to the trees, bushes, and leaves Lego has previously produced, these ones are made of 98 percent plant-based materials — a stat that has been verified through third-party testing.