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The 1000 Hours Outside Challenge Pushes Parents To Get Kids Into Nature

By David Minerva Clover

If it seems like kids these days spend less time outside than they used to, that’s because they do. In fact, today’s children spend on average half as much time playing outside as their parents did. This could be a real cause for concern, but a new challenge pushes parents and caregivers to meet it head on. 

It’s called 1000 Hours Outside, and it’s the brainchild of Ginny Yurich and her husband Jason. In reading the works of Charlotte Mason, an educator from the 19th century, Yurich came across the recommendation that children should be outside four to six hours… a day. Now her family is striving to meet that goal, and by the looks of their blog they are making it. They’d love for other families to join the challenge as well.

There’s no question that time outside and in nature benefits children as they grow, though research and opinions vary as to just how much is needed. Being outside can offer kids much-needed free play time, which is important from brain development and often lacking in jam-packed schedules.