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Source: Trash Fishing

This Father And Son Fish For Trash Along The Detroit River

By Kristin Hunt

Some parents spend their weekends playing catch with their kids, or bonding over an enormous stack of homemade pancakes. Tom Nardone and his 11-year-old son Mark have a slightly different hobby. For the past few weeks, the pair have been cruising the Detroit River for crusty cans and mangled plastic. It’s an activity they call “trash fishing,” and they’re hoping it catches on in their community.

“We’ve tried fishing, but honestly it’s kind of tough for a kid to sit there waiting, it’s a little boring,” Tom told The Detroit Metro Times. Trash fishing, however, proved to be more engaging.

Tom and Mark take their boat, which Tom bought earlier this summer, onto the waters with a grabber tool, a net, and a bin to collect garbage. Clad in orange safety vests, they look for stuff that doesn't belong. When one of them spots a rogue bottle floating in the water, they'll call it out and Tom will motor over to the spot. Mark usually handles the actual collection, alternating between the grabber, net, and his own hands. Small items go into the bin, while larger ones are wedged into the boat.