Green Matters Is Hiring Freelance Writers!

Green Matters Is Hiring Freelance Writers!
3 months ago

Are you a green-living expert, environmental crusader, or journalist with a passion for sustainability? If so, we want to hear from you.

Green Matters is the fastest-growing media company in the sustainability space. Our goal is to tell our audience interesting, relatable sustainability news in order to inspire action. We are looking for freelance writers who can cover innovations in technology, travel, food, health, style, home or family in relation to sustainability. Here's everything you need to know on how to successfully pitch us story ideas.

Green Matters: Submission Guidelines 

Pitches should include a two- to three-sentence summary of the topic you’d like to cover (more than that is fine), its main points, and proposed word count. Please do not send us anything that has already been published elsewhere.

To get a sense of what we like to publish, please visit Green Matters! You should be very familiar with our content in order to avoid redundancy or suggesting a story that is outside of our wheelhouse. From there, feel free to send us pitches for things that would be new and fun for us to cover. Fresh perspectives, first-person pieces, original reporting, and commentary from experts are all welcome.

Please remember to tell us about you. We'd love to know if you're an energy expert, green architect, college student, or professional freelance writer. Let your voice and personality shine through. Also, please include links to previously published works (preferably relevant to this subject matter) and a resume. 

Direct all queries to and not to individual editors. Our editors receive tons of mail every day, so it's best for everyone if the pitches all land in one place.

Our editorial staff makes every effort to respond to pitches within one week. 

If we approve your pitch, you will be contacted to go over length, deadline and payment (we pay upon publication), and furnished with a standard freelancer contract.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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