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Source: Andrew Nolan/Pexels

The Underline Plans To Transform Miami's Vacant Land Under Metrorail Into 10-Mile Park

By Desirée Kaplan

When Meg Daly broke both her arms in an accident four years ago, she put her car keys away and started using the Miami Metrorail. She quickly noticed how much space was not being utilized under the elevated train tracks and from there an idea was born. Daly founded Friends of The Underline with the goal to reinvent the 10-mile unoccupied space under the Miami Metrorail from Brickell to Dadeland into a linear park, world class urban trail, and living art destination the local community can enjoy.

With plans to break ground in Spring 2018, the project is expected to cost about $110 to $120 million to design and implement through funding from both private investors and government grants. The City of Miami committed $50 million to build it in late 2016, and the rest of the money is still currently being fundraised. Set to be built in phases and development, the Underline will begin in Brickell, a dense area that will hopefully boost demand and bring more attention to the project.