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Source: Facebook/NextWave Plastics

These Major Companies Are Banding Together To Make Products From Ocean Plastic

By Kristin Hunt

This week, IKEA and HP Inc. joined a group of retailers tackling ocean pollution through their supply chains. The two companies are the latest members of NextWave Plastics, a collaborative effort to minimize the amount of plastic entering our oceans by capturing it and turning it into new products.

That effort starts on beaches and canals, where discarded plastic can easily drift into waterways. NextWave Plastics collects those items from countries spanning Indonesia, Haiti, Chile, Cameroon, Denmark, and the Philippines, then transforms them into raw materials for member companies. They might become board games for Bureo, which sells a version of Jenga made from fishing nets. Or they could form ink cartridges for HP.

Through this work, NextWave Plastics hopes to divert at least 25,000 metric tons of plastics from the oceans by 2025 — an amount equivalent to 1.2 billion single-use plastic water bottles.