Tesla's Tiny House Tour Hits The Road In Australia

The Tesla Tiny House is hitting the road in order to offer a public view of how anyone can create, store and use renewable energy at home. For the tour, which will wind through all of Australia’s major cities, Tesla put together a state-of-the-art, tiny home wrapped in locally sourced, sustainable timber and hooked to a 2,000-watt solar system and Tesla Powerwall. In addition to alternative energy offerings, the Tesla Tiny House also boasts a mobile design studio and configurator that allows people to calculate their own at-home energy needs and customize a system that works for them.   

Oh yeah—and the whole thing is being dragged around by a Tesla Model X, an electric vehicle made by Tesla (who else?) with falcon-wing doors that retails at $74,000. That, my friends, is what we call awesome. 

Tesla is taking its road show down under.

Australia is big on solar, making it a perfect market for the Tesla Tiny House tour. The company doesn’t yet offer solar services there, but does currently sell Powerwall batteries that can be paired with solar systems from other providers. It seems, however, that Tesla is getting ready to bring its solar offerings down under. And for good reason.

The continent boasts the highest per-capita rooftop solar use in the world, with 1.5 million homes already hooked up. Australia was also selected as one of the first markets for Powerwall 2 units. Tesla recently won a contract to help stabilize the South Australia grid, with a 100 MW/129 MWh energy storage system.

During the tour, Tesla staff will provide one-on-one training sessions to individuals and families, including information on syncing systems to a Tesla app that would allow you to control your home’s power output virtually.

A six-panel system with battery is plenty of power for a Tesla Tiny House. 

Some lucky folks have already checked the tiny home out, as until this week it was on display at Melbourne’s Federation Square. Here are the must-know specs of the Tesla Tiny House specs gleaned from that preview:    

  • 2 tons
  • 19.7 feet x 7.2 feet x 13 feet
  • 6-panel, 2kW solar system 
  • 1 Tesla Powerwall for energy storage
  • Wood sourced from local, chemical-free and sustainably grown timber
  • Design was made possible through a collaborative effort between Tesla and modular architecture firm ArchiBlox

The tiny home is not terribly dissimilar from Tesla’s mobile design studio released last September. That project utilized a renovated Airstream inviting people to design their own Tesla vehicles in a virtual studio. Seems these guys have the whole mobile home thing down.

Happen to be in Australia and want the tour to stop in a town near you? Go ahead and send a request directly to Tesla.

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