Tonke Camper Provides Opportunity For Worldwide Off-Grid Camping

10 months ago

When it comes to off-grid living, people are looking at restoring old campers and buses for reliability. Tonke Campers has been creating that feeling with classic old-school campers that are lined completely with mahogany. It’s a gorgeous living space that can be shipped to anywhere in the world, and it’s made for those that truly want to get off the grid.

The Tonke Classic Woodline comes in five different variations and are handmade in the Netherlands. One of these editions is specifically designed for the United States, the Fieldsleeper International sits on a Mercedes Sprinter 519Cdi cab chassis and runs on 110-volt power. The goal was to give the camper an ability to be completely off-grid, and it can do so thanks to solar panels with large battery packs and water tanks.

These solar panels can consume either 400 or 600 watts of energy from the sun and there’s also a 1.4 kilowatt charger for those times in darker conditions. This would fill the on-board 2.6 kilowatt-hour AGM battery bank. For water, there’s a large 68 gallon tank that is efficient and frost-free.

It’s worth noting that the camper can run fully on renewable energy, but the Sprinter does not. The 519Cdi is equipped with a diesel engine that gets up to 17 miles per gallon. However, the benefits are giving more energy to the use of the camper itself, and it’s an extremely comfortable living space.

Each Tonke camper has nearly seven feet of headroom and has plenty of space for a dining room table, couches, full kitchens, double-door refrigerator, full bed, and combination bathroom and shower. Air conditioning gives the ability to settle in even the hottest of areas. Windows are scattered throughout the mobile home, giving sunlight an ability to illuminate the entire area while also providing power.

Its unloading system is very easy to use and extremely quick. It takes just 10 minutes for the camper to unload off of the cab chassis and it's done with a remote control. There’s the option to have it sit where it’s just four inches off the ground or it can have wheels added for easy transportation into a garage or other storage space. It could even be used as a convenient guest room.

The Fieldsleeper International is pegged as “the flagship of the Classics” by Tonke and it runs at approximately $135,000. Their goal was to make a camper that created the most comfortable living conditions for those that wanted to reach very remote areas. They also have the ability to ship this product to anywhere in the world by use of sea containers. While it still needs diesel gas in a Sprinter to move around, it provides an alternative small space that isn’t as restrictive as restored buses or vans.

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