Artist Turns Discarded Plastic Bags Into Beautiful Faux-Flowers
3 weeks ago

Artist William Amor had a very specific skill. He makes incredible fake flowers from thin layers of plastic, forming surprisingly convincing petals from the translucent bags he collects for his art.

Amor is based in France, and has a pretty big following. He offers workshop options, where he shows people how to design their own flowers based on his techniques. His project is called Les Creations Messageres, which when translated literally into English is The Messaging Creations, but means more "creations with a message." On his site, Amor writes that his work is intended to draw attention to waste and plastic bag pollution.

"Creating beauty and art using abandoned waste materials, his artistic signature reveals itself through the metamorphosis of plastic pollution to floral ornament arrangements. These delicate, lifelike tailor-made botanical creations are valuable messengers, used for fashion, design, artistic installations and sceneries filled with poetry."

On his site, he calls his work "plastic stories," and personifies abandoned bags, saying they "dream" of becoming flowers.

If a plastic bag does dream of becoming a flower, it would hope to look like this:

Happy week end & flower power 😘😘

A post shared by Les créations messagères (@william.amor) on

The flowers are incorporated into clothing, jewelry, household decoration, and even carpeting. You could be surrounded by plastic bags transformed into flowers by Amor—but he'd probably still prefer for you to recycle.

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