This Kickboxer Turned Baker Makes Her Healthy Desserts 100% Raw Vegan

Wouldn’t it be great to eat delicious treats and still maintain a fit body? That’s what a Muay Thai kickboxer is bringing to the table at her New York-based online store, Rawsome Treats. How does she do it? Instead of baking desserts with traditional ingredients, she serves them raw and plant-based, hoping to keep each and every healthy nutrient in the delicious treats.

Owner Watt Sriboonruang is obsessed with keeping herself healthy. In fact, she completely switched to a plant-based eating lifestyle in 2012. She explains that it boosted her energy during fights, while also helping her to lose weight at the same time. A year into the new diet, Sriboonruang also transformed her deserts, keeping them raw instead of baked in order to keep the nutrients.

“We keep it raw because heat destroys enzymes and some vitamins and minerals in food, especially with produce and raw ingredients like nuts and fruit,” Sriboonruang told Thrillist New York. “When you eat raw food, your body receives the nutrients right away.”

When first browsing through the deserts, they look anything but healthy. There’s currently 25 different pies and cakes on the menu, such as mint chocolate chip pie, banana dark chocolate pie, and even a tall “Fourbidden” pie featuring layers of coffee, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. For those that can’t decide on just one, there’s also variety pies with different flavors on each slice.

The V Palette is back on the menu for the #Valentine season from February to Pi Day, March 14th ❤️🍰. . The 8 slices of 4 #chocolate flavors offer the perfect dose of:. . ✨#Mint Chocolate Chips 🍫🌱 in a chocolate chip crust. . ✨#Caramel #PeanutButter Cup in a short bread crust 🍫🥜. . ✨Mixed #Berries in a chocolate chip crust 🍓🍫 . . ✨Dark Chocolate in a shortbread crust 🍫🍫. . We don't play around when it comes to indulgence with chocolate so don't you, we know!! ✨✨ Made to order at @rawsometreats link on bio. . #VPalette #VforValentines #VforVegan ##rawsometreats #plantbased #plantpower #rawpower #rawvegan #vegan #glutenfree #delish #nycfood #nycdessert #eatingnewyork #dessertporn #foodporn #insiderdessert #forkfeed #newforkcity #paleonyc #gloobyfood #myfab5 #forkfeed #foodirl #chewyorkcity

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It’s caught on with other health nuts, athletes, and others that are concerned about trimming the fat or maintaining their weight. With a flavor for everybody, it’s also caught on with those that are just interested in comparing them to traditional treats. For those interested in giving them a shot, you’ll have to be in the New York area.

Desserts can be ordered online and picked up at their headquarters in the Lower East Side of New York City. Deliveries are also available with an additional fee to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. They’re also working with restaurants and cafes to sell their treats. Be prepared to pay a bit more for these pies -- they can range anywhere from $35 to $90 each.

Dusting #Matcha green tea powder on the MatchaMisu for Womankind Night Market food tasting event, a #fundraising to benefit Womankind’s mission to help survivors of gender-based violence to rise above trauma and build a path to healing. 📷 @andreasoloyal ✨ ✨ As many of you know that I'm very keen to offer job opportunities to underprivileged people. ✨ Womankind @iamwomankind is a #nonprofit organization that I have been supporting wholeheartedly since I started @rawsometreats. They bring critical resources and deep cultural competency to help #survivors of all ages in Asian communities, who have been affected by #domesticviolence, #humantrafficking, and #sexualviolence #empoweringwomen #empower #rawsometreats #matchamisu #rawvegan #desserts #rawvegandesserts #vegandesserts #nyceats #cheflife

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For those that aren’t able to reach the store and get the pies, Sriboonruang also has multiple recipes posted on the store website. For example, the “Banana Nice Cream Fresh Fruit Topping” features frozen bananas and nut milk, with coconut oil, maca powder, vanilla extract, and other fresh fruits optional.

While you wouldn’t want to completely transition your diet to these desserts, they provide enough healthy nutrients to be a great alternative when it comes to eating treats. It looks too good to be true, but there’s low fat and sugar in each raw pie from Rawsome Treats. And of course, you can be rest assured that they're cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

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