Vegan Restaurant In NYC Donates 100% Of Profit To Charity

P.S. Kitchen is an upscale vegan restaurant that opened up in New York City last August. They offer a variety of small and large plates and also feature a brunch menu. Similar to Craig Cochran and Jeffrey LaPadula’s other restaurant, Terri, they only offer plant-based foods, with P.S. Kitchen’s options “inspired by the season and the globe.” 

Most importantly? They donate all of their profits from P.S. Kitchen to organizations that help the homeless population. Not only that, but P.S. Kitchen takes it a step further and addresses another major need for many homeless people: employment. That's right: This plant-based restaurant makes sure to hire local homeless people who are seeking a fresh start.

The restaurant’s mission is to provide great quality food and “to lovingly serve” their workers, customers, and society. Not only do they offer great meals that are even better for the environment, but they give 100 percent of their profits to charity both locally and overseas. This money goes to various non-profit organizations such as Defy Ventures, The Doe Fund, and Bowery Mission.

Organizations like The Doe Fund work with people that have been imprisoned for their crimes, giving them job opportunities and transitional housing options. Bowery Mission offers shelter and food for homeless people. Eventually, Cochran hopes that the restaurant will be able to provide $500,000 annually to these non-profit organizations.

Cochran told Fast Company that the restaurant has hired 10 people from local programs looking to help people transition out of homelessness. In order to avoid any judgement, an employee’s past isn’t public. This provides a pathway to move on while also working for a good cause.

Regardless of who works in the restaurant, Cochran added that he wants good food and for customers to have a great experience, saying, “At the end of the day, I would love to think that people really cared about the social business aspect, and maybe they do. But we have to be a good restaurant and place where people want to come.”

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The good news is P.S. Kitchen has received plenty of praise outside of their charity efforts. Drink NYC highlighted the XO cocktail as one of the best being offered in the fall. Time Out named it as one of the best new restaurants in New York City.

A growing number of businesses are also giving their profits to charitable organizations. Ex Novo Brewing Company provides for the growth of urban farming and fighting homelessness. Another brewery, Finnegan’s in Minneapolis, has set up a fund to help feed low-income and homeless people. Outside of the food industry, technology consulting firm Impact Makers, located in Virginia, donates to programs involved with child poverty.

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