New Vegan Restaurant Vows To Donate All Profits To Charity

A new vegan eatery in Midtown Manhattan has promised to donate all its profits to various sustainable charities as a way to connect people’s ethical food choices with social movements.  

P.S. Kitchen, the latest restaurant opened under Terri restauranteur Craig Cochran, offers gourmet, plant-based small plates and entrees in order to support two special causes: hiring people who come from underprivileged backgrounds, and turning over profits various charities engaged in environmental, animal and social welfare.

P.S. Kitchen serves plant-based food that is doing more than saving animals from slaughter. 

P.S. Kitchen offers French-inspired vegan comfort food that takes inspiration from flavors all over the globe. 

The restaurant is situated on West 38th Street in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, adorned with a bar with seating for nine, a whitewashed brick wall standing in contrast to white tables and chairs, and romantic touches like vases of flowers and soft lighting.

Gary Barawidan serves as head chef, offering menu items that are new variations on the familiar; from a buffalo chicken-inspired sandwich made of hen of the wood mushrooms, to a pepper stuffed with Beyond Burger meat, shallots, and potatoes. Everything, including the feta and burgers, are all plant-based.

 "You’re not losing anything,” Barawidan told am New York. “You’re actually gaining a lot of things in return." 

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The vegan restaurant trend is growing all over the Big Apple. 

Chef Barawidan isn’t new to the rising vegan-restaurant trend in New York City. He also worked at the opening of Avant Garden, one of restaurateur Ravi DeRossi's vegan spots. DeRossi announced last year his intention to turn as many of his 15 New York City restaurants vegan, as soon as possible.

"You don't realize that the average restaurateur does three times more destruction [to the environment] than the average person," DeRossi told Eater. "I have 15 restaurants and bars. It started to weigh on me."   

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Eat right, do good.

The mission of P.S. Kitchen, according to its website, is “to leverage the power of good food and an open heart to lovingly serve our clients, employees, society and the earth.” To do so, the restaurant sells food that is “kind to the body and the earth” in order to raise support for organizations working to heal poverty, advance sustainability initiatives, and enhance communities.

Charities currently supported by P.S. Kitchen include Share Hope, Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives, Cooperative for Economic Empowerment and Development Services, DEFY Ventures, and the Doe Fund. And now, for the post-script. That P.S. in the restaurant’s name refers to the fact there’s more to this place than meets the eye. 

“This is more than a restaurant and the postscript reflects that there is more to the story," partner Craig Cochran told am New York. "P.S. We donate all profits to charitable organizations. P.S. We hire staff from underprivileged backgrounds," he added, referring to kitchen porter positions staffed by the DOE Fund and Bowery Mission. "P.S. All food and drink is plant-based."   

All of that sounds absolutely delicious.  

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