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Source: Honeytrek.com

9 Ways To Make A Romantic Getaway More Sustainable


We've been honeymooning since January 22, 2012, but if we thought romantic travel couldn't also be sustainable, we would have come home a long time ago. Time alone as a couple – be it on a honeymoon or a long weekend without the kids – definitely deserves a little indulgence, though there is a way to do it while also being good to the planet and the communities offering up dreamy experiences. 

Here are nine ways to share the love on your romantic getaway.

Exotic doesn't need to be far-flung

Having traveled to 53 countries, we've taken our share of long-haul flights. However, ever since we started road-tripping around North America, we've realized how much beauty is in our own backyard. Before you take a just-for-two jaunt across an ocean, look at what's within driving distance or a couple-hour flight.