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Source: Instagram

This Man Quit His Job And Traveled Australia In A Renovated Van With His Rescue Cat

By Brian Spaen

When work becomes stressful and not fulfilling, it’s easy for us to dream about leaving it all behind and getting away from it all. Richard East not only thought about overhauling his life four years ago, but he actually resigned from his job, sold his home, and ventured all over Australia with a revamped camper for off-grid living. He’s been documenting his adventures with a rescue cat, Willow, on his blog, Van Cat Meow.

Rich describes changing his life “as the most well-prepared mid-life crisis in history.” He designed a camper van that would work as a mobile home with maximum comfort. There was a process to deciding what items he took with him and what he discarded. Ultimately, he realized there was more that you could fit in a camper than first believed.

“The rule was simple, if it wasn’t functional and it didn’t bring me happiness then it was out,” Rich said. “Soon I was left with what would fit in the van. As we progressed into our journey it quickly became apparent that some things weren’t needed.”