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Source: Pexels

Australia Is Pouring $349 Million Into Funding For The Great Barrier Reef

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

The Great Barrier Reef is receiving a big supportive measure from the Australian government in the form of money that will pay for a number of new strategies to combat bleaching and other environmental dangers faced by the coral ecosystem. According to Reuters, the Reef was almost added to the "in danger list" by the United Nations cultural body UNESCO last year. In a survey last year, scientists discovered that over 900 miles of the reef had been destroyed by back-to-back bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, reports CNN.

A second issue was an outbreak of coral-eating starfish, called crown-of-thorns starfish. The starfish spreads its body across the coral, then releases a digestive enzyme that slowly breaks the coral down so the starfish can ingest it.