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This Tech Makes It Easy To Conserve Water In Your Home



Clean water is arguably one of our most precious resources. It's widely known to be one of the key compounds that allow our planet to flourish. While water may seem abundant on earth, clean water is not an infinite resource. Only about three percent of our planet’s water is fit for human consumption, but a lot of that is inconveniently tied up in the ground or in the form of ice.

Although we have to be careful with the water we have, that’s not always easy to do. This can be particularly challenging in urban areas where millions of people live in multi-tenant buildings, and it is difficult to track water usage for each individual unit. One company, Lōtik, has stepped up and found a way to help people see how much water they’re actually using so they can use it more responsibly.

Lōtik created a high tech water monitoring solution that acts like a Fitbit for water pipes. The device collects useful details like flow patterns which can help pinpoint problems like disastrous water damage lurking behind seemingly innocent walls.

Source: Lōtik

Once installed, Lōtik’s smart system of wireless sensors gives clear data about when and where water is being used. The app’s real-time updates shed light on high water usage, burst pipes and of course those pesky water leaks that can wreak havoc in buildings. Each pipe’s “Fitbit” picks up on little details like temperature changes and vibrations that help determine what's really going on behind the scenes. 

They also blend seamlessly into most bathrooms. Don’t believe me? Try spotting one at first glance in the photos below.

Over time the system starts to learn what's normal for your home and figures out what water patterns are suspect based on the previous usages of those specific pipes. The sensors are able to last about 3 to 5 years since they're only at work when the pipes are being used and water is flowing.

Source: Lōtik

Besides offering useful information, installing this snazzy tech is surprisingly fast and painless. The non-intrusive sensors simply clamp onto pipes and plumbing fixtures. While traditional flow meters can take a while to install, these devices can be up and ready to go in seconds without needing to bother with a plumber or special tools. 

Worried about something happening to the sensors? Lōtik already thought of that too. These devices were built to be humidity, water, and tamper proof.

Once up and running, Lōtik’s device helps eco-conscious users figure out where they can cut unnecessary water consumption and stop wasting water from problem areas like leaky toilets and faulty pipes. Lōtik’s devices also let users meet green building criteria with their in-depth water monitoring tools. Users can minimize their energy consumption by reducing emissions linked to heating water.

Source: Lōtik

Apart from reducing your carbon footprint, this tech can have financial upsides too. Like most valuable resources, clean water comes with a price tag. According to Lōtik’s reports, the cost of water has been steadily going up, and water rates are expected to keep rising. Using water more efficiently helps keep that ongoing cost down.

Lōtik’s device also helps prevent costly damage before it happens so users can use that money for better things like summer trips to the beach. According to Lōtik, a leaky toilet can cost as much as $7,000 per year. Imagine all the piña coladas you can buy with that.

Lōtik’s co-founder, Shane Eten, hopes this technology will help people become more aware of how they use clean water. He tells Green Matters in an interview, “At the end of the day, we’re creating transparency so that people understand how they interact with water. Efficiency doesn’t happen until someone can actually see it.”

Lōtik is continuing to develop its tech and recently launched a campaign on SeedInvest to raise a $6mm Series A round via preferred equity at a $9.5mm pre-money valuation. To learn more about this water savvy technology, catch up on Lōtik and their latest campaign here.

Source: Lōtik
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