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Source: Lōtik

This Tech Makes It Easy To Conserve Water In Your Home

By Desirée Kaplan

Clean water is arguably one of our most precious resources. It's widely known to be one of the key compounds that allow our planet to flourish. While water may seem abundant on earth, clean water is not an infinite resource. Only about three percent of our planet’s water is fit for human consumption, but a lot of that is inconveniently tied up in the ground or in the form of ice.

Although we have to be careful with the water we have, that’s not always easy to do. This can be particularly challenging in urban areas where millions of people live in multi-tenant buildings, and it is difficult to track water usage for each individual unit. One company, Lōtik, has stepped up and found a way to help people see how much water they’re actually using so they can use it more responsibly.

Lōtik created a high tech water monitoring solution that acts like a Fitbit for water pipes. The device collects useful details like flow patterns which can help pinpoint problems like disastrous water damage lurking behind seemingly innocent walls.