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Source: Pexels

This Smart Technology Makes It Easier For National Parks To Go Green

By Desirée Kaplan

In the United States, there are 417 national park sites including national parks like Yellowstone and the Everglades. There are hundreds of other national parks spread around the world, but many governments can’t always adequately fund their maintenance since these parks are often vast and rural.

A recent report, called Smart Parks, offers a new path to maintaining sustainable national parks and urban green spaces. The report was created by lead author, Professor Edward Truch, a Director of the Connected Communities Research Lab at Lancaster University Management School and commissioned by the Lake District National Park Authority.

The Smart Parks report suggests that technological innovation, like the Internet of Things, is an ideal way to improve the overall park experience for tourists, while helping care for these natural environments in a financially feasible manner. The best part? This tech system can be adopted in national parks around the world.