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Ethical Clothing Brand PANGAIA Creates Vegan Down Jacket With Wildflowers

By Carly Sitzer

Clothing collective PANGAIA is committed to sustainability and ethical fashion at every step of the way. The new brand, which launched globally late last year, made history with their vegan down jacket, which is made from natural, dried wildflowers as insulation rather than goose feathers; the rest of the jacket is made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles, as well.

The new insulation is exclusive to PANGAIA and took 10 years of research. 

For those wondering why vegan alternatives to down is so important, L=last year, PETA released an exposé about down jackets — revealing that geese are often plucked for their feathers while still alive, creating cruel conditions for the birds. As PETA explained, “Live plucking causes birds considerable pain and distress. Once their feathers are ripped out, many of the birds, paralyzed with fear, are left with gaping wounds — some even die as a result of the procedure.” Before PANGAIA’s innovating wildflower insulation, many vegans and activists encouraged other vegan down alternatives.