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Source: Facebook/Studio Roosegarde

Smog Free Rings Are The Latest Green Wedding Trend

By Kristin Hunt

Not all engagement rings have diamonds. In their quest for something more personal and unique, many couples are now choosing sapphires, rubies, or a “stone” that’s not a gem at all. As The New York Times reports, the “smog-free ring” is gaining traction with couples looking for an affordable, eco-conscious symbol of their love.

The smog free ring features a stainless steel band set with a cube packed with compressed air pollution, which forms the dark center of the stud. It’s a custom design available only by request, and purchasing one supports ongoing efforts to purify the air in cities around the world.

The designer is Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, who’s made a bit of a name for himself on the smog-free scene. In 2015, Roosegaarde built a 23ft tower designed to suck up polluted air, filter out the contaminants, and release the newly purified air back into the atmosphere. He called it the Smog Free Tower