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These Online Stores Make It Easy To Find Chic, Sustainable Wedding Attire


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It's no secret that most of us have clothes in our closets that we haven't been worn in years. In fact, one California Closets design expert told The Wall Street Journal that women only wear 20 percent of the items they have in their closets. With numbers like that, why bother owning these pieces at all? In many cases, it has to do with the type of clothes that are in there. Women, for example, generally wear special occasion items less than seven times.

As the fashion industry develops into a more sustainable marketplace, there are more sharing platforms than ever which can come in handy when looking for an outfit that will stand out at special events like weddings. While Rent The Runway has paved the way for this new sharing economy, it is far from the only company that helps people suit up responsibly for their loved ones big day. Below are nine websites that can help you find a new outfit to buy (or borrow!) for your friend's wedding.

1. The Real Real

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Consignment stores can be a treasure trove of hidden vintage gems, but not everyone has access to high-quality, brick-and-mortar locations. The Real Real offers an online platform where users can buy designer pieces and even reconsign them. The site has a team of experts to identify any counterfeit pieces and verify which items are genuine. The Real Real has teamed up with sustainable organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, GOOD+ Foundation, and Stella McCartney to support a circular economy while encouraging people to use high-quality items for a lifetime. Not a bad place to find that perfect vintage clutch for your best friend’s wedding.