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Source: Pexels

A New Report Says Solar Energy Could Grow 6,500% By 2050

By Koty Neelis

Solar power is one of the most abundant, efficient and clean sources of energy available. Solar panels and solar power-generating windows are just a couple of innovative things people have come up with to take advantage of the sun, but that's just scratching the surface of the industry's potential. 

Now a new report by industry experts says the solar energy industry will only continue to grow, predicting it could increase to 6500 percent by 2050.

The Energy Transition Outlook 2018 report from DNV GL, a quality-assurance and risk-management company, predicts solar electricity production could grow 65-fold by 2050 thanks to factors like the industry low barriers to entry, solar energy systems becoming more common, and the rising costs of using traditional power grids. It's not just consumers making the transition but businesses and local governments as well.