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Zinc-Air Batteries Provide New Source Of Cheap Green Energy To Remote Areas

By Koty Neelis

As green energy continues to rise as an alternative to traditional power grids, more people are looking towards how renewable energy sources can reach people in underdeveloped or remote areas. One California-based company, NantEnergy, might have an answer: rechargeable zinc-air batteries. 

Still relatively unknown, the innovative energy storage system could have major global impact. The green rechargeable battery is an air-breathing cell that uses just zinc and air and integrated with digitally controlled intelligence, but what makes it even more unique is the low cost and longer duration of use. 

According to NantEnergy in a release, the zinc-air battery storage can provide power at a lower cost than lithium-ion systems at just $100 per kilowatt hour. That's a figure experts in the industry say could be transformative.