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Source: Facebook/YOLK

This Cheese Plate Is Really A Solar-Powered Flashlight, Lighter, And Speaker

By Kristin Hunt

You’ve never seen a brie or ricotta quite like this. A new Kickstarter project from the solar power company YOLK promises a cheese board that’s totally inedible — but completely electric.

SunMade Cheese is a collection of cheese-shaped accessories all powered by a single solar panel. This panel looks a bit like a plate, and when fully charged, it generates 5 volts at 1.2 amps. That’s enough energy to charge a smartphone as fast as a standard wall charger.

The energy is concentrated in the “brie” embedded on the plate. Users can hook their USB cables into a port on the side of this cheese-shaped block, dubbed the USBrie. They can also attach the included power bank to the top of the brie. This power bank looks like a glass bottle of milk, in keeping with the dairy theme.