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Source: Flickr/caligula1995

A Rwandan Engineer Is Recycling Glass Bottles Into Bricks

By Kristin Hunt

At 32, Aimable Mutabazi already has his own construction and brick manufacturing company — but his bricks aren’t quite like the ones that hold up so many homes. The engineer started thinking about a better brick when he was still a sophomore at the University of Rwanda, wondering if there was a way to use waste as a raw material. Now, his business makes bricks with recycled glass and ceramics, rescuing tons of old bottles and windows from the local dump.

Mutabazi saw his solution as an environmental win-win. With glass concrete bricks, his company Byiza Vuba Ltd. simultaneously recycles waste and reduces emissions. 

“The glass aggregate we use comes from used glasses and bottles, windows and car windshields,” he explained to The New Times. “Once the glass becomes waste, it creates a problem as it does not decompose. We use that waste glass in concrete as partial replacement of cement, it helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and glass waste dumping all over the place.”