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Source: Facebook: Land Life Company

Nigerian Refugees Are Planting 40,000 Trees Near Their Camp In Cameroon

By Aimee Lutkin

A refugee camp, called Minawao, in Cameroon was established by Nigerians fleeing the terrorist group Boko Haram. The extreme circumstances had people struggling for survival. The area around the camp was quickly subject to deforestation, as trees were chopped down to make firewood and building materials for the 60,000 people who are now established at Minawao. About 2.5 acres of trees have disappeared. Fast Company reports that residents are now working to repopulate the trees that have been lost.

They're using a special pod developed by Land Life Company. Simple ways to plant enormous numbers of trees have become an increasingly popular business, especially models that are easy to use for people who may not have much experience with forestry. In addition to the planting, a small factory at the camp now makes "eco briquettes" from agricultural waste that can be burned for heat and power without losing more trees.