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Source: Stocksnap

Researchers Have Finally Figured Out A Way To Protect Birds From Wind Turbines

By Brian Spaen

Renewable energy sources have plenty of benefits for us to keep pushing onward, but in that development, there’s always room to improve them. Wind energy created from turbines can be incredibly dangerous for birds thanks to rapidly-spinning turbines. A team of researchers at Oregon State University are looking into multiple ways to keep birds away from these turbines.

In this energy source’s defense, wind turbines are not as big of a threat as you’d think to flying and gliding animals. Studies indicate that fossil fuels are still 15 times more responsible for killing birds than wind farms. Even the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, a self-explanatory conservation group, installed a wind turbine to reduce their emissions.

Still, it’s worth trying to make wind turbines more safe for wildlife. This has led to people at Oregon State University creating multiple ways to deter birds from wind farms, and more specifically, eagles. The bald eagle has been off the endangered species list for over a decade, but is still partially protected. It’s estimated that up to 500 various eagles are killed by turbines annually.