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Source: Twitter

Toyota Experiments With Airless Tires To Lighten EVs

By Brian Spaen

Without a doubt, one of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs) is that even when fully charged, they can still have a relatively limited range. Of course, that's steadily improved in recent years; new vehicles have seen distances at over 300 miles this year thanks to lithium-ion batteries with higher capacity, for example. We could see that number jump drastically with Toyota looking into airless tires to decrease the weight of their EVs.

Automobile manufacturers are currently tinkering with cars to give them longer range. While battery technology will continue to improve and increase the range that way, adding features such as solar panels and making the car lighter overall can also give cars better efficiency with the battery that's already installed. For example, while solar-powered cars aren’t a realization yet, that technology could be used to run the features of a vehicle, which decreases battery usage.

Toyota’s looking into airless tires for their newest concept car that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Called the “Fine-Comfort Ride,” this fuel cell vehicle is also designed to improve aerodynamic performance with a diamond-shaped cabin.