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Source: Panda Green Energy/China Merchants New Energy

China Builds First Solar Farm Shaped Like A Giant Panda


When one thinks of renewable energy, words like "innovative," "futuristic," or "eco-friendly" may come to mind. But what about "cute"? In Datong, China, the Panda Power Plant, created by energy company Panda Green Energy, is breaking new ground as the world's first adorable solar farm. From above, the entire farm is shaped like a giant, cartoonish panda. It is the first solar farm to ever be arranged in this style, and people already can't get enough. The artists' rendering of what the farm would look like is so cute and truthfully pretty stylish.

According to Inhabitat, the panda design was created using two types of solar cells. First, monocrystalline silicone solar cells were used to create the black parts of the panda, including the arms, ears, eye patches, and mouth. For the white face, belly, and paw markings, thin film solar cells were used.