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Source: Markus Spiske

The 5 Eco-Friendly Tech Toys Your Kids Won't Want To Put Down


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Who says that all green toys have to be made from wood or cloth? Technology is a huge part of the modern toy industry, and many green toys have gone tech as well. While it's always important to get kids outside and engaged in nature, toys are a normal part of childhood. Screens often take the place of active play, and can be tempting to use when parents need alone time or to focus on other tasks around the home.

Instead, incorporating eco-friendly toys into your child's play allows them to not only get creative with new stimulants, but to learn more about sustainability. After all, all of our purchases hold power, and what companies and vendors we give our money to makes a difference long-term. Choosing to give the children in our life toys that are not only eco-friendly, but also incorporate our world's growing technology, stands with earth-friendly values and helps kids grow and learn.

1. Wind-Powered Car

Source: Greentech/Amazon

From a small toy company aptly called Greentech comes an innovative toy that incorporates the traits of toy cars, model kits, and educational toys. Kids build their own wind-powered car from the pre-cut pieces of recycled plastic included, then take it out to play. Even a light breeze is enough to get the car moving, and teach kids about the power of wind energy. Though you may want to advise kids not to take the car outdoors in extremely heavy wind...the car's light body might blow away!