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Source: Martin Barraud/Gettyimages

5 Environmental Documentaries On Netflix To Watch With Your Kids


Eco-friendly children's programming is important, but kids can also get a lot out of shows that were not made specifically for them. After all, kids are eager to learn! Green documentaries, which focus on everything from the lives of scientists to those of animals, can open children's eyes to the world, and challenge them with new information, which will encourage them to ask new questions. 

Finding great documentaries is easy: in fact, there is an abundance of them on Netflix right now! Here are five eco-focused documentaries on Netflix to watch with your kids so you can learn about the environment and world around us together. 

1. Tales By Light

Source: natgeotv.com

Tales by Light is a deeply touching nature documentary series with an unusual human element. It's about the lives of nature photographers and videographers. The documentary focuses not on nature itself, but on what it takes to capture images of nature: the perseverance, tenacity and dedication of those behind the camera. It should be an eye-opening journey for kids, and may open the door to discussions about other wildlife-centered professions. 

The show is also unique in that it will shape the way children view other nature documentaries in the future. After watching Tales by Light, it is much harder to forget that there is a human being behind every frame, who often had to sacrifice a lot for the footage we enjoy.