Wallis Day Shares Her "Green Routine" After Finishing 'Batwoman' (Exclusive)

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jul. 12 2021, Published 4:23 p.m. ET

Wallis Day
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Actress, former model, and martial arts fanatic, Wallis Day, is known for starring in a variety of popular showsin fact, she just finished filming Season 3 of Batwoman in Vancouver, B.C., and currently has a few other upcoming projects under her belt. But when she isn't on set, the English actress is constantly looking for new ways to live more sustainably. That's why we were absolutely thrilled that Wallis Day shared her "Green Routine" over the phone with Green Matters.

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"We only have one chance at this really, and we've only got one home," Day tells us. "We have to protect our wildlife and where we live."

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As a former model, it comes as no surprise that Day is incredibly passionate about fashion. And although Hollywood can be notoriously wasteful, most of the Krypton actress' closet is filled with her parents' old clothes that she updates and restyles.

"I love denims," she tells us. "What I really like doing is having my mom's old clothes from the '90s because I feel like fashion comes out and then 20 years later, it's back."

Day tells us she recently scored a pair of old tartan pants from her mom. She's always excited to score some of her parents' old hand-me-downs, cut off the sleeves, add some holes, or just restyle them to her liking — but some of her favorite pieces are her dad's old tees.

"You can never go wrong with an oversized tee!" Day exclaims. "And it's super cute when your'e wearing something that you have baby pics with your dad in."

Day proceeded to tell us how she got involved with sustainability, and details on her vegan lifestyle.

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GREEN MATTERS: Why is taking care of the planet important to you?

WALLIS DAY: I think that it's pretty scary when you look at the facts and figures, and what's been happening over the last few decades, and see the impact that humans are having on the environment, planet, nature, and animals. And I think it's almost this consciousness when you suddenly become aware of it or educate yourself on the facts. It's like you can't not do anything about it.

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GM: What inspired you to become more sustainable?

WD: Honestly it was the way the wildlife and animals — different species — were becoming extinct. It just really hurt me that we could have that impact.

GM: Are there specific life changes you've made to become more sustainable?

WD: I think the biggest one for me was going vegan in 2017. The benefits of being vegan for both animals and the environment was just overwhelming, and I realized that making such a small change to my life could make such a huge impact on everything else around me.

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GM: Do you enjoy cooking vegan?

WD: I do, I love cooking! Like eggplant and Thai green curry from scratch. I actually find cooking really therapeutic. For my Thai green curry I use my mom's recipe! My parents are vegan as well, so it's been passed down in the family.

GM: Have you inspired anyone else?

WD: So, it's funny. When I went vegan so long ago, sometimes people laugh at things they don't understand. But slowly a few of my friends started asking questions and trying things, and being really inquisitive about what I was doing and how it benefitted me. And then the next thing I knew, two of my best friends went vegan and are still vegan today. So, it's nice now, because we now host vegan Sunday roasts when I'm in London, and vegan Christmases. Our whole friend group is more on board now.

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GM: What is the biggest misconception about living sustainably?

WD: That it's hard — people think that it's really hard, and that buying fruits and veg from markets is expensive. Or being vegan is more expensive and its really not. I think the more little things that you can do, you start to gain momentum, and you start wanting to do more and more, and you start finding it really easy to make small changes. And anyway, meat is really expensive!

GM: Do you have a vegan skincare routine?

WD: Most of the stuff I use is vegan — I use Drunk Elephant, I use Glossier... I cleanse when I'm in the shower, and I normally use the Glossier Milk Jelly. And then usually when I come out I'll do a Drunk Elephant face mask to hydrate my skin so I'm primed and prepped. And then I always put Sun Bum [sunscreen] on in the morning so I'm set up for the day... and then I use this really light Drunk Elephant moisturizer as well that keeps me glowing and fresh and ready for the day.

"Green Routine" is a series from Green Matters that invites notable people in the environmental space to share the efforts they make to live more sustainably.

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