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Starbucks Launches Returnable, Reusable Coffee Cups at Gatwick Airport — Here's How the Scheme Works


Every year, more than four billion disposable Starbucks to-go cups are distributed — and promptly sent to landfills, according to Clean Water Action. Consumers who bring their own reusable to-go cups to Starbucks definitely help reduce the demand for Starbucks' single-use cups, but one Starbucks location is trying to reduce that number without putting the responsibility on the consumer. A Starbucks in London's Gatwick Airport is trialling a scheme featuring reusable, returnable coffee cups for customers, Fast Company reported.

The campaign is called #CupCupandAway, and Starbucks is launching it in partnership with Hubbub, a U.K.-based charity that "creates environmental campaigns with a difference." Here's how the campaign will work, according to Hubbub. For one month, Starbucks employees will present guests with two options for their drinks: pay 5p (about 6 cents in USD) to purchase a disposable cup; or, receive a reusable cup for free. After finishing their coffee, travelers can drop the empty reusable cup off at five different "Cup Check-In" points across the airport.