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Source: Disney•Pixar/YouTube

Pit Bull and Stray Kitten Form an Unlikely Bond in Pixar's Newest Short Film 'Kitbull'


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If you're a fan of those viral videos showing a friendship between two unlikely animals, you'll probably love (and cry while watching) Disney-Pixar's latest 2D animated short film, Kitbull. In the eight-minute film, a stray kitten and an abused pit bull form a beautiful relationship despite their unlucky circumstances. Not only is the movie a beautiful story about animals, but it also spreads awareness about the mistreatment of pets — something that good-hearted people have the power to prevent.

Kitbull, which Pixar recently released on YouTube, was written and directed by Rosana Sullivan and produced by Kathryn Hendrickson. The story, which is told without any dialogue, takes place in the Mission District of San Francisco. It begins with a stray kitten searching for somewhere to sleep. The adorable kitty finds a discarded cardboard box in a messy cement backyard, and decides to spend the night cuddled up with a pink elephant stuffed animal inside the box. Shortly after, a few men deliver a pit bull to the backyard. Over the course of the next few days, the pit bull and the kitten stand off against each other a few times, building up the trust to eventually play with each other (in the form of rolling a discarded plastic bottle cap back and forth across the yard).